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Houston Pest Control Service

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No one likes unwanted creepy crawly guest!

Pests in Houston are as common as the orange sun. They get into food, leave trails and spread disease. That doesn’t mean you can’t take steps to control your unwamted guests. If you have a pest control problem, MDS Pest Management is your best solution.

We have helped control unwanted pests in homes all across Houston

It doesn’t matter if it’s a cockroach, ant, or general bug infestation; we have packages to solve your Houston pest infestation problem at prices your budget can afford. Our professionals at MDS Pest Management are skilled in identifying the bugs you see and can investigate your property to locate the ones you don’t.  

Whether you need a one-time treatment or a general service package, MDS Pest Management is able to help. Cockroaches are unsanitary and don’t belong in the home. A service contract will rid you of them as well as fleas, ants, spiders and any other pests whether they are of flying or crawling nature.

At MDS Pest Management, safely ridding your property of pests is our priority. If children or pets are a concern, there’s no need to worry. Our products are pet-friendly and child-safe. You can trust that we are concerned about the safety of those you love.

Pest control might be your problem, but it is our business, and we are in the business of taking care of your Houston pest control problem. If you need to get rid of unwanted guests, call or email us to speak to one of our customer service representatives. We can schedule a hassle-free appointment to determine your needs and begin your service.